Conditions of Participation

By participating, you agree to the following terms and conditions.
Sweepstakes from the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad

Name of the organizer
Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad GmbH Kurallee 2, 95698 Bad Neualbenreuth Hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”.

The contact person and person responsible is the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad.

What is there to win?
By participating, you have the opportunity to win a voucher for the arrangement described on Facebook or Instagram.

How to enter the competition:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Enter a comment with whom you would like to spend a little time out at the Hotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad.

In addition, the participant follows the Facebook account of the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad. You can follow the Facebook account by confirming the “Like” button on the ad or the Facebook profile of the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad.

When does the competition take place?
The competition campaign starts with the publication of the competition entry and is limited in time. All interactions and entries can no longer be considered after the competition has ended. Information about the exact description of what is to be won and which steps are to be taken can be found in the competition posting published on the chronicle or in the conditions of participation written here.

Who can participate?
Anyone over the age of 18 residing in the EU may participate. Excluded are the employees of the Kurhotel Pyramide and the partner hotels, as well as their relatives.

Who is not allowed to participate?
The organizer reserves the right to exclude individuals from participation if there are legitimate reasons. These are, for example, violations of the present conditions of participation, manipulation and/or illegal contributions that contain insults, false facts, trademark, competition or copyright violations. The organizer reserves the right to take legal action if necessary. Users must be responsible for any legal violations. Employees of the company and their relatives, authorized representatives, legal successors and agents of the organizer are excluded from participating in competitions. The legal process is excluded.

How does the prize draw take place?
After the end of the competition, the winner will be determined in camera using an independent draw.

How do you find out about the win?

The result of the draw will be published on Facebook or Instagram on the day the competition ends. The winner will be announced by name on the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad website. The winner will be announced on the organizer’s social media and personally informed about the prize. The participant is aware that messages via Facebook can end up in the “Other” folder and are therefore not displayed immediately.

How to get the win?
After the winner has been announced, he will be asked to contact the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad and provide his contact address for the transmission of the prize. The prize will be sent after the data has been transmitted. The Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad is not liable for any delays caused by the shipping company.

What happens if you don’t register?
If the winner does not report to the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad within 3 days, the right to the prize expires. If this occurs, a new winner will be drawn from all eligible participants. This also happens if it is not possible to send the prize due to the provision of incorrect/incorrect data regarding the contact address. Winners must email their contact and address information within 3 working days to: register. After the data has been transmitted, the prize will be sent. If winners do not confirm acceptance of the prize within this period, their claim to the prize will be forfeited without replacement.
A replacement winner will then be determined using the same procedure. There is no obligation to accept the prize.

How can the prize be redeemed?
The prize can only be redeemed in the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad. A cash payment and transfer of the prize is not possible.

Exemption from Facebook
Facebook is not connected to this competition in any way. Facebook is therefore not available as a contact person for this competition. All questions/information in this regard are to be sent to the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad.

The Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad is not liable for competition entries (e.g. comments, links or images) that are illegal. Contributions may not contain any insults, false facts, competition, trademark or copyright infringement. Users must be responsible for any legal violations. The legal process is excluded.

The organizer undertakes to protect the privacy of the participants and assures that the data will be processed in accordance with the European Data Protection Directive and the German Data Protection Act.

Participants agree that their submitted photos, images, videos, comments or similar may be published on Facebook, Instagram and outside.
After participation by means of a comment, photo or video (or what is necessary for successful participation), the data you have entered will be processed by the person responsible for data protection for the purpose of conducting the competition on the basis of the competition contract concluded with it until the competition is concluded.
There is no legal or contractual obligation to provide the personal data. However, the provision is required to participate in the competition. The only consequence of not providing it is that you cannot take part in the competition.
The participant agrees that his name will be published on the organizer’s social media in the event of a win.
By participating, the user agrees to the above conditions of participation and the data protection guidelines.


  • The Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad reserves the right to adapt, modify or end the competition at any time. Circumstances that can lead to this are, for example, disruptions to the competition due to force majeure, legal reasons, technical reasons (e.g. hardware or software errors) or manipulation of the competition by third parties. The Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad is not liable for consequences arising from participation in the competition that are outside of its area of responsibility. Prize claims cannot be transferred to other persons.
  • Misuse by procuring votes in an unfair way, e.g. through a technical gap, is prohibited and will lead to exclusion. The Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad reserves the right to change, adapt or end the competition in these cases if this is necessary due to circumstances. Likewise, in the event of technical faults or premature termination by Facebook, there is the possibility of extending the participation period or repeating it through the Kurhotel Pyramide Sibyllenbad.
  • Participants cannot assert any claims against Facebook or Instagram that arise in connection with participation in the competition.
  • Participants undertake not to share any illegal content. Comments that violate the Facebook guidelines, Instagram guidelines, German law, our netiquette and/or copyright will be removed without notice after notification. The participant is thus excluded from the raffle.