Protection and hygiene concept

A hygiene concept has been created to protect our guests and our own protection. We communicate the need for compliance to our guests.

We consistently exercise our domiciliary rights towards guests who do not comply with our regulations.

Actual Rules 

The ‘3G’ regulations apply in the hotel and restaurant – vaccinated or recovered! Due to the constantly changing Corona measures, we ask you to inform yourself about the currently valid regulations before your arrival. 

Hinweisblatt Zugangsarten Innenräume


Only guests from one household may move into a residential unit in our house together.


The minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people must be observed.

People for whom there is no contact restriction in relation to each other do not have to follow the distance regulation.

Mouth and nose protection

Guests must wear an ‘FFP2 mask’ upon entering our facility and when moving around the building. Children from the 6th to the 15th birthday only need a mouth and nose cover, children up to the 6th birthday are exempt from wearing a mouth and nose cover.

Mouth and nose protection can be dispensed with outdoors as long as the minimum distance is guaranteed.

Using of parking space

The use of our parking spaces is signposted in such a way that there is as little oncoming traffic as possible.


Contact between the customer/employee and the guests is reduced to a minimum.

Consumables such as pens or registration forms are exchanged or cleaned after each use.

Common areas

In the common areas, the distance rule must be observed. Guests are advised that sitting together without distance rules is only possible for people to whom the general contact restriction does not apply.

An FFP2 mask must also be worn there.

Cleaning residential units

The applicable hygiene and cleaning standards are consistently observed.

Items used by a majority of guests are kept to a minimum.

The cleaning takes place, as far as possible, in the absence of the guests in order to avoid contact.


Our employees were informed about the correct use of mouth and nose covers, the rules of distance and the general hygiene regulations.

Our employees wear FFP2 masks indoors. An FFP2 mask is also worn outdoors if the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed.

Employees with symptoms of illness stay at home.

We monitor compliance with the regulations by our employees.


The data of the overnight guests are recorded on the registration form. In addition, a telephone number or e-mail address with reliable availability is noted.

In the event of a necessary contact person determination, this data will be used. The transmission is only to the responsible health authority.

Our data is stored in such a way that it cannot be viewed by third parties or used without authorization.


Sufficient washing facilities, liquid soap, disposable towels and hand disinfectants are available to our guests and employees.


In order to ensure a regular exchange of air, all available possibilities for ventilation of the rooms are used.

Guests are advised to ventilate the residential units they have moved into regularly.

Cleaning concept

Guest toilets

The guest toilets are cleaned regularly. Liquid soap, disposable towels and hand sanitizer are available. The guests are informed about the correct washing of hands by a notice. Fans and hand dryers are not used.

Haptic contact of objects

Contact with objects is limited to what is absolutely necessary.

Contact surfaces, e.g. door handles, are cleaned regularly.


The storage of clean laundry and the storage of dirty laundry is carried out in compliance with the applicable hygiene standards.


Our guests and employees are informed by notices about the rules of conduct.

We monitor compliance with our protection and hygiene concept by the employees and – as far as possible – the guests and take the necessary measures in the event of violations.